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March 2, 2017

Life is strange. (You can quote me on that) Most of the time we’re chasing some thing or some other thing. Something we crave, desire or think we need to be complete. Usually what we’re chasing is not what will bring us that sense of fulfillment or wellness.

For the past six months I’ve been chasing my own dream, or maybe a mirage or illusion. Since my last company didn’t work out as hoped, I’ve sending my resume out to find a job. Why not start another company you might ask? While¬†income and health insurance are good things, but they are not reasons to get a job, at least not for me.

Here are 5 things I’m looking for in my next challenge, and maybe you should be too:

  • I love working with passionate people. Does the company have passion and energy? – A company needs a strong vision and a strong team make it happen. That’s the kind of company to consider. When you work with great people, it really does blur the line between work and fun.
  • How does the company treat employees? – How are you treated during the interview process? What are the reviews on Glassdoor? Personally I think companies have gone too far with perks. I don’t expect snacks and lunch every day (but coffee would be nice.) I do expect professionalism, courtesy and respect, from myself and from others.
  • How do employees treat the company? – A lot can be said about office politics and gossip. They are killers of companies and should have no place in the work place. If you can not respect the company you work for then you should leave. You’re not helping the company or yourself.
  • Personal growth – I want to keep becoming better at anything and everything I do. I have a desire to learn and increase my abilities and skills. Am I delivering real value? Does the company and the role support that?
  • The role – I have seen so many different roles by now and many are interesting, and some, not so much. Don’t apply to roles you can’t see yourself doing. You may think you should but you’ll be miserable, you’ll do a bad job and you’ll end up leaving. Go for roles that will challenge you, challenge you to think and grow. I love to try new things and, for me, I want a new role to bring new opportunities, responsibilities and experiences.

Now this is not limited to jobs or job searches. There are things in life that we all desire and we need to look at why. What is it we really want?

What is it you really want and why? @talksouk

Thanks for taking this journey with me. It wouldn’t be the same without you.




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